Standard Protocol is a multichain protocol suite of decentralized finance and proposes digital financial standard. The protocol is maintained by various developers from an organization or individual and governed by Standard(STND) holders.

Core Technologies


Swap provides decentralized exchange that can be ground for its revolving financial mechanisms. Swap stays at the core of Standard protocol.


Vault provides decentralized currency to be used in decentralized economy. Users deposit collaterals to generate stablecoin Meter to be compatible with other crypto projects as a currency and have unique position on bull run or bear run


Futures provides perpetual asset generation for any assets to be leveraged. Users can collateralize assets to enable margin trade on assets in synthetic manner.


Farm represents passive investment where users deposit their tokens to generate yield. yields can be used for gas cost, incentivizing a project's community or providing initial opportunity to have shares of a project.


Bridge provides solution for an asset to have cross-chain liquidity regardless of the network. Users from different blockchain can bring


Unlike other governance tokens, Standard(STND) token has more than just equity ownership. Just as fiat stock, STND is used to claim dividends of company profit by bonding to the dividend pool. Standard(STND) tokens are bonded and holders can claim dividend of the protocol features in every 30 days after bonding proportionate to total bonded Standard(STND).
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