Standard Protocol Partners Showcase — Go Pocket

Standard Protocol Partners Showcase — Go Pocket

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Standard Protocol Partners Showcase — Go Pocket


We are excited to announce our partnership with Go Pocket, a new generation multi-chain wallet that provides comprehensive security safeguard for Crypto users.

Go Pocket provides comprehensive security safeguard, enables native cross-chain transactions and multi-chain Dapp integration, making it a perfect partner of Standard Protocol to expand its token usability and application coverage. In the coming future, there will be further integration with Go Pocket to utilize its cross-chain capability among our tokens and applications.

Standard X Go Pocket

Go Pocket is a new generation multi-chain wallet that provides security safeguard for Crypto users.

  • Security entrance for Crypto users: dynamic security mechanism + proactive security protection + one-click Token assessment;
  • A new generation multi-chain wallet: displaying real-time multi-chain assets on the home page,
  • One-click cross chain, supporting the best NFT display and operation;
  • Continue to build a safe and open ecosystem for users and developers.

When using Go Pocket, users can easily access their assets safely and transfer them cross chain without jumping into the cross-chain bridge application and back again.

To Learn more about Go Pocket: Twitter | Telegram | Website | Discord | Medium

About Standard Protocol

Standard Protocol is the first Collateralized Rebasable Stablecoin (CRS) protocol for synthetic assets that will operate across multichain ecosystems, with our in-built DEX as a market maker to ensure capital efficient liquidation process and stability of our stablecoin $USM. It is also a recipient of Shiden Network Builders Program GrantPolygon #DefiForAll Fund and Polkadot Web3 Foundation Grant. Standard Protocol strives to innovate as the next generation digital assets and prides itself on its global community growth approach.

Please click the following links for further more information about the Standard Protocol: Website | Twitter | Telegram CommunityMedium | Discord | Clubhouse | Reddit