Standard Protocol X Celer Network — Bringing Meter Multichain

Standard Protocol X Celer Network — Bringing Meter Multichain

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Standard Protocol X Celer Network — Bringing Meter Multichain


Further to our recent partnership announcement with Celer Network, we are pleased to share more exciting collaboration with Celer for Standard Protocol upcoming self-sovereign stablecoin, MeterUSD ($USM), launching in Q1 2022!

Celer Network X Standard Protocol Stablecoin $USM

Celer has recently announced cBridge integration with Metis and Astar Network. As Standard being a part of both ecosystems, we are very glad to have Celer cBridge support that enables our stablecoin MeterUSD ($USM) delivery to both networks and future expansion to many other blockchains.

We will also integrate Celer cBridge UI into our Standard DEX to deliver a seamless user experience soon. Stay tuned for more development progress!

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About Celer Network

Celer Network is a layer-2 scaling platform that brings fast, secure and low-cost blockchain applications on Ethereum, Polkadot and other blockchains to mass adoption. Celer launched the world’s first Generalized State Channel Network and continues to push the frontier of layer2 scaling with advanced Rollup technology. Core applications and middlewares like cBridge, and more ecosystem applications built on Celer have attracted more large audiences in DeFi, blockchain interoperability and gaming space.

About Celer cBridge

Celer cBridge is a multi-chain interoperability platform that can bridge assets and arbitrary messages across 10+ different chains in an instant, low-cost, and secure method. As of the date of this article, cBridge has bridged around $2 billion worth of assets.

Learn more about Celer: https://www.celer.networkFollow Celer Network:Telegram | Twitter | Youtube | Facebook | Meetup | Medium Github | Discord |

About Standard Protocol

Standard Protocol is the first Self-Sovereign Stablecoin protocol that embraces and visions the true decentralized form of Web3.0. Empowered by its interoperable DAO ecosystem, Standard Protocol empowers its users with full control over its monetary system through a multichain DEX, a decentralized Oracle and a non-reserve design for CDP using NFT. We’re also a recipient of the Polkadot Web3 Foundation Grant, Polygon #DefiForAll Fund and Shiden Network Builders Program Grant. Standard Protocol strives to innovate as the next-generation digital settlement currency, and prides itself on its global movement in self-sovereign finance.

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