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⁉️ 🙋‍♂️ Answering all common questions from our community.

Please share comments on what are common Q&A from users, what would you like to know about Standand



  1. What problems are Standard Protocol solving? And how do we solve them?
  2. What are the benefits for Standard hodlers?
  3. How does this help bring value back to holders and what more can we do?
  4. What chains are currently supported on Standard DEX?
  5. Is there an audit?
  6. What is the future roadmap of Standard?
    1. stablecoin use case
  7. Who created Standard? Who are the team and background?
  8. Standard was built by Digital Native Foundation, a group of digital natives who are interested in the next digital economy.

  9. What is the roadmap?
  10. What chains is supported by Standard DEX?



  1. Where can I buy $STND?


  1. How to mint stablecoin (USM)?
  2. What assets are available as collaterals?
  3. Why $USM is a Self-sovereign, Non-reserve stablecoin?

Our architecture uses NFT for managing Vault(CDP)s. Borrowers can sell NFT presents the ownership of their vault. This will give full sovereignty to borrowers to manage the fund for their stablecoin. V1 will be listed in each NFT marketplaces in each evm network.

  1. What is CDP? And how it can be traded as NFT?
  2. Are Meter (USM) tokens stablecoins?

Meter tokens are soft-pegged to fiat currency values with backed collaterals, but Standard adjust its peg with non-reserve approach unlike other stablecoins, making distinctive pattern in market conditions.


  1. Why does Standard stablecoin need a DEX? What role does it play?
  2. What is Dividend Pool and what is dSTND?


1. What does having a DAO mean for the holder? How will this work?

  1. How can I create proposals for the protocol?