Crosschain Integration

Standard protocol is a crosschain application protocol which aims to become key currency to each blockchain systems. Standard protocol will be applied to a blockchain where it has

  • built-in Exchanges

  • Oracle support for price

  • Smart contract support

Phase 1. Implementations

Standard protocol smart contract ecosystem

Standard protocol will be initially implemented in smart contracts in

  • Parity ink!

  • Cosmwasm

  • EVM(Solidity, Vyper)

An aggregated interface will be provided starting with EVM implementations.

Phase 2. Connection

Standard protocol will be implemented to parachains or cosmos SDK based chains which supports IBC. Each standard protocol implementations will be able to transfer assets or get price oracles from other blockchains in decentralized way.

Phase 3. Unification

Governing each implementations with different tokens can be confusing for STND holders. To prevent this, Standard protocol will build separate working blockchains for each interchain ecosystem to provide unified governance. Smart contracts are limited in a way that one has to execute a transaction for governance. A dedicated governance blockchain will automatically process proposals and voting automatically and fair.